Located in Connecticut, Stamford city is situated halfway between Manhattan and New Haven. It is a part of the New York Metropolitan Area. Stamford is home to various museums and renowned restaurants. There is so much to do here. Whether you are planning a whole day out or more roaming around Stamford’s streets, there is a list of must-visit places that you can’t afford to miss. We have compiled a list of must-visit places for you. You could either choose to see one or two odd places at a time or have a packed schedule. Either way, going around exploring the town can be exhausting. It is worth booking yourself a Stamford Car Service as it does take away the headache of finding the route to the place or even driving there yourself. Meanwhile, you are traveling, you can rest and be rejuvenated to start afresh at your next stop.

COVID 19 had brought the world to a stand still but the world has slowly started to shift into a new normal. If you are planning to travel during this period, we have made a list of the places which have opened up. The list has been curated keeping in mind the diverse interests that everyone has. Whether you are a lover of nature or history, you could plan your day, keeping these places on your list.

Stamford Museum and Natural Center

One of the most famous places in Stamford is the Stamford Museum and the Natural Center. This is the place where art comes together with nature, history, and agricultural sciences. Alongside the museum, there is a 10-acre agricultural farm where visitors can interact with nature and better understand agriculture. This farm is also a celebration of the rural New England heritage. One can find a range of animals who are non-indigenous like Lamas, Alpacas, etc. There is also a massive planetarium, along with a four-storied observatory which has a research telescope. The various galleries in the museum house contemporary art exhibitions.

Apart from that, you can find exhibits on Natural History of New England, antique farming equipment, totem poles, vintage pedal cars, prints by various renowned artists like Dali and Warhol. When you walk outside, there is a beautiful sculpture exhibit that you could walk through and enjoy. There are also interactive wildlife exhibits and trails through the 80 acres of parkland.

Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination

It was built in 2002 by Jay Scott Walker to celebrate “humanity’s intellectual and emotional adventure of discovery.” The building houses remarkable rare works and objects, including the 1776 copy of the declaration of Independence declaration. You can also find the 1669 Atlas in their collection. This is the first Atlas, which showed the sun to be the center of the solar system rather than the earth. It is a must-visit for those who love antique books.

Stepford Wives Location

Stepford Wives is a viral 1975 suspense story that is based on a book by Ira Levin. The movie was shot in the beauty of Connecticut. Two locations stand out in the film. First is the Strip mall, named the Goodwives Shopping Center, and the second is the Stepford’s Men’s Association Building. In real life, this building is an extravagant castle-like building in the middle of a public park called Mathew Parks. For the lovers of the movie Stepford Wives, it is a place that you should visit. It is located on the outskirts of Stamford.

Philip Johnson Glass House

 Philip Johnson is considered to be one of the most famous modern American architects. This house is an icon of Modern Architecture and was the home of Philip Johnson. The house stood inside Johnson’s property and was entirely in 1949. You could stand outside and see the light blaze through the house’s rare walls and lighten it up. The place only has one room, which features the kitchen, living room, and the sleeping area. The house was mostly used for entertainment purposes.

The First Presbyterian Church 

 The First Presbyterian Church of Stamford is one of the most famous churches and designed by K. Harrison. K. Harrison is renowned for the Rockefeller Center, which was his masterpiece. Also known as the first church, it is well known for its unusual shape. It features a 260 foot tall Maguire Memorial Tower, which houses a 56 bell carillon. There were initially 43 bell carillon and were known as the Nestle Carillon. The church’s shape is similar to that of the fish, which was also a symbol of use in early Christianity. Inside the church, there are vast stained glass windows. Right in front of the Visser-Roland pipe organ is the wooden cross carved out of wood from the Canterbury Cathedral.

Cove-Island Park:

It is essential to have a nice relaxing day, and if it seems like a good day for a picnic, Cove Island Park is the place to be. The Cove-Island Park is situated on a 19th-century factory that manufactured minerals, dye, extracts, and licorice. The mill caught fire was burnt to the ground in 1919. There is a children’s playground, an expansive lawn area, a cycling path, a mile-long walking trail, and a nature center are some of the things available across the park. If you are into bird watching, then the park is a must-visit. The park has been listed as an Important Bird Area by the Audubon Society. Over 287 species have visited it.

Palace Theatre:

 Situated in downtown Stamford, Palace Theatre is a place to catch live shows around since 1927. It was designed by Thomas W. Lamb. Under the Palace Theatre roof, there have been various broadway musicals, touring recording artists, concerts by Stamford Symphony Orchestra, top tier comedians, and magic shows. However due to Covid 19 the place is temporarily closed, but we are all hoping that it would be up and running soon with various shows to entertain us all.  

Ferguson Library:

 Libraries are the pillar of every community, and the Ferguson Library of Stamford is the same. It is a community library that houses thousands of books and magazines. The library offers various programs for children, including Family Story Time, Toddler Time, and Summer Reading Club. There are various other programs like Teen Reading, Book Discussions, and booklists, to name a few. The library is well known for its architecture. The main building is in the Georgian Revival style and dates back to 1910.

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